2019 02 26 Results

2019 02 26 Results etc.

The night started with a skills session for all the juniors. Thank you to Paul Hammerlock and Stuart Jakeman for running the session.

And thank to the “more senior kids” who also helped with the inexperience ones.





After this, we moved on to


The Adenbrook Homes criterium.

Racing this week saw the riders compete in graded handicaps.

It should be remembered that Handicaps are not only a good challenge for the riders, but the Commissaires as well.

Junior / Novice racing.

It was a great turn out tonight with some intense racing.

Luca was promoted to Division 1, telling mum that the 4 laps wasn’t a concern, but at the end of racing his face was bright pink.   James won with Zac & Charlie filling the minor placing’s, Luca was 4th.   In division 2 Mia was the winner beating home 6 other very enthusiastic riders.



 “D” Grade.

  Eli and jazz had the head start, with Lance and Gary (Drops) the scratch markers.
Eventually the 2 kids were caught by Lance & “Drops”. Eli put in a stellar effort and hung on to the back of Lance & Drops.  Lance won with Eli and “Drops” closing out the podium. Jazz came in 4th close behind.

“C” Grade.

Lachlan was given (what turned out to be) a very generous start. Alani, Todd, and Alistair started next and then came the back markers of Oscar, Michael, Gareth, Brad and Geoff. After a lap or two the race was Lachie, Alani, Todd and Alistair, followed by the back markers about ½ a lap behind. Lachie however, due to his handicap was still 1 lap ahead of everyone else. The front markers were working well together and driving hard making the back markers expend a lot of energy trying to catch them. When the back markers eventually caught the out markers, Oscar made an effort to distance them, but every move he made was covered.  Lachie took out the win followed by Alistair and Alani.

“A” Grade.

Kevin Hawes was our only A grade rider this week and hence he was automatically allocated the win, but to give Kevin a challenge he was  pitted with Craig and David in B grade.

“B” Grade.

Miren, Stuart & Paul were the out markers. Craig & David (riding with Kevin) were the scratch markers giving the others about 200 metres start. Eventually the back markers caught Paul and Miren (Stuart who is still a little bit underdone, had dropped off), but the effort was just a little too much for David, especially as he said “once the race was shortened”.  Craig won with Paul and Miren taking the minor placings.

After the race our roaming reported over heard 2 of the “B” graders describing one  instance where Kevin got out of the saddle just as he commenced the climb up the first corner hill. Powering up the hill at full tilt, Kev didn’t sit down and turn the afterburner off until after he had reached the corner at the end of the back straight.

Our roaming reporter also over heard a couple of the riders expressed their disapproval with the race being shortened mid race as it affects their race strategies.