2019-20 Rider Grades – Criterium Season

2019-20 PMCC Rider Grades – Criterium Season

Grades are NOT self selected but are determined by the appropriately nominated Club Officials.

Do not harass club officials, in particular the sign-on registrar, on the day of racing to have yours or any other rider’s grade amended. Your request will be denied.

The allocated grades are based on a range of factors in addition to race results; including but not limited to fitness and experience.

Grading enables a competitive and safe racing format, however there is always a degree of subjectivity involved.

In general newer riders will be started in lower grades. Riders will be put up into higher grades based on their performance, generally after a series of wins.

Going down a grade is only permitted by exception. Short term periods of illness or injury, or the inability to train, do not constitute a basis for racing down but should rather be seen as an incentive to train up.