2020 Road Season Wk 8

Week 8


The JW Dash and Leigh Family Handicaps.

Saturday September 5th 2020.

The Dash Family were frequent visitors to Graham Seers bike shop and loved the formation of the PMCC. In 1988 the family kindly made a donation to assist in the club’s establishment. The club created the trophy in their honor.
The Leigh Family Handicap began in 2008. John and David were early members of the PMCC. David President and Commissarie and John the handicapper and Traffic Control and made a Life Member in 1991.

. A Fantastic day for a small dedicated group of riders.

. John Leigh made an amazing effort with Peter Brown to come out to the track even putting $20 out of his wallet for fastest rider.

. The J W Dash was won by Brandon Conway on the line who caught the first riders off in the last 20 meters .

. The John Leigh Handicap was won by Lachlan McDonald and James Cockshutt as they were the first two juniors across the line in the two divisions.


Race report by Paul Hamerlock follows .

It was great to see John Leigh and Peter Brown back out at the club again.
The JW Dash Handicap was contested over 32kms.

The limit group of Lachy and Simon left first with James who was contesting the Leigh family handicap over half the distance leaving at the same time. At 3 minutes we had Iain and Todd. The Block consisted of Alani, Monty and Alistair. Our scratch group at 10mins were Brandon and Kev.

On the 1st of 4 laps our 3min group had already split, not because of an early attack but a wrong turn taken by Todd had him and Iain riding solo for the remainder of the race.

The other groups worked really well together, rolling turns trying to catch the group in front without be caught themselves.

James completed his 2 laps having ridden nearly an entire lap with Lachie and Simon.
This is impressive considering he is riding U13 gears sitting on the wheels of an U17 and a masters rider. Well done James!

With the final bell the limit group held a tenuous lead over the remaining groups in the J W Dash.

The scratch group had about 2min to make up when they came over the start finish line so it was going to be a nail-biter as to whether Simon and Lach could stay away from the Chasers and a nail-biter it truly was.

Brandon and Kev riding like a freight train caught every group in that final lap with only Monty and Alani hopping aboard for a short trip.

Coming into the final straight, Lachlan was still ahead until finally being caught around the south gate but still contesting the sprint with Brandon taking the win over Kev and Lach.

As always a big thankyou to all the volunteers Jan, Liz, Bree, Libby, Rick and Gareth.
You guys are the real MVP’s

Okay next week is a scratch race with a course that is a little different.

Again another shout out to our volunteers and happy Father’s Day!