Race Rules and Tactics


Before you start racing you must hold a current “Cycling Australia Race Licence” that entitles/permits you to race in Port Macquarie and you need to know the formal rules which every rider must know and follow, breaches of these rules can carry significant penalties. Almost all these rules are intended to ensure rider safety.  

Everyone’s primary obligation is the safety of their fellow riders as well as

their own safety.



All Races (Road and Criterium)

  1. All Riders must be currently licensed to RACE by the NSW Cycling Federation and may be asked to produce their licence during “sign-on”
  2. Maintain your line & keep left unless overtaking
  3. Do not change direction suddenly
  4. Do not pass underneath in a corner
  5. Do not overlap wheels
  6. Obey all road rules on unclosed roads.
  7. Do not ride outside the cones
  8. Do not push, pull or interfere with another rider
  9. Do not contest sprint from further back than 10th wheel
  10. Sprint in a straight line for the final 200 meters or the from the final corner (whichever is shorter)
  11. As the lead rider – guide the peloton safely past hazards
  12. Communicate your intentions with others
  13. Keep both hands on the bars (unless taking a drink)
  14. Follow all directions from marshals and officials
 . .

Criterium Guidelines

  1. Sign on commences at 5.30pm. Women/junior grades must be signed on by 5.50pm other riders must be signed on by 6.00pm. Late comers must get permission to race from commissaires. Warm up off course after sign on if required.
  2. Warm up permitted on course until 5.50pm only.
  3. Schedule of races and times will be displayed at sign on area.
  4. It is the riders’ responsibility to be assembled in the marshalling area 5 minutes before the scheduled race time. Riders will not be called.
  5. Race fees: juniors/pensioners $3.00 seniors: $5.00.
  6. Club handicapper will grade riders. Riders will be upgraded after 2 wins or after 3 × 2nd and/or 1st placings or at the discretion of the club handicapper.
  7. No spectators or non-racing riders to stand on road whilst a race is in progress. Only marshals will be allowed to stand on road during a race.
  8. Please refrain from parking on the course
  9. A roster of marshalls has been circulated. Riders will be credited 2 championship points when marshalling. Riders not marshalling when rostered or not providing an adult replacement will be deducted 2 championship points.
  10. Helmets worn must be Australian standards approved to as2063 no exceptions will be made. Bar end plugs must be fitted.
Cycling Tips and Tactics

Many books have been written about how to race safely and race to win. If you are new to the sport or even a seasoned rider here are a few articles from Cycling Tips which should have you racing safely and fast.