Week 1 – Adenbrook

Week 1  –  Adenbrook Homes June Handicap E-Racing Series

May 30th 2020 – The first of Our   Adenbrook Homes  June Handicap E-Racing Series.





And it was a Ripper. The Race was the Equaliser. Weights were adjusted in Zwift so watts per kg were equalised and the Game was on.

This month – all grades are in together and there is just one pointscore.

In the Juniors the 6x weight gain for Campbell was too much on the Hills. Meredith and James had a ripper of race – Meredith having the advantage on the hills and James had to pull out all stops and Game Power Ups were used on the Hill to lighten his load. In the end it was 1. Jame, 2. Meredith and 3. Campbell.

In the Long Course Race it really kept the race together A, B, C, D for a while. we did have the Tech Gremlins out in force today, with Cassi, Ron, and Rach not completing the Ride. Bennett and Al also glitched but he got back in to Ride With Function to join back in the race. Iain 120km Ride this morning got the better of him with cramps stopping his day.

Course Results:

First: Paul Gagliardi

2nd: Paul Hamerlok

3rd: Andy O’Donnell

4th etc : Brandon Conway, Alastair Page, Gareth Davies, Timothy Moore, Vanessa Gray, Todd Cockshutt, John Stroud, Bennett Powell, Beryl Wilson

KOM Results (Short):

First: Paul Hamerlok 5.25.4

2nd: Paul Gagliardi 5.25.8

3rd: Andy O’Donnell 5.47

4th etc : Brandon 5.48, Al 6.10, Vanessa 6.14, Gareth 6.22, Todd 6.26.4, Tim 6.26.9, Bennett 6.28.9, John 6.30, Beryl Wilson

KOM Results (Volcano)

First: Andy 9.40

2nd: Paul G 9.48

3rd: Brandon 9.54

4th etc : Paul H 10.00, Bennett 10.14, Gareth 10.39, Al 10.49, Tim 11.10, Vanessa 11.15, John 11.38, Todd 12.09, Beryl Wilson

Thanks to Todd Cockshutt who worked his magic with the numbers to provide a great handicap.

See you all next week.