2018 New Jersey Orders

Hi PMCC members.
The PMCC shop Portal is now open.
Members need to use this link PMCC Champion Systems Teamstore  . There is no password.
This shop will remain open until midnight 25/9/2018, the order is expected for delivery 4 weeks later which is 22th of October 2018.
Orders will all go to the club and we will arrange individual pick up later, (most likely pick up will be from the club house).
We will expect to open the shop again later but we are encouraging all to purchase the new design now.
Following the Vote, this is the registered Jersey (for this sponsorship cycle) with Cycling NSW/CA.
After 12 months it will be mandatory for all PMCC members to wear the New Jersey when racing away.
Have a great weekend!
Bree McDonald
Secretary, PMCC Ltd.