Presidents Letter 04 11 2020

Date : Wednesday, November 4th 2020
PMCC Members,

Yesterday (Tuesday 3/11/2020) you should have received an email from Cycling NSW with a form attached.

With AusCycling beginning on the weekend (1/11/2020), and new memberships available, the email requests that you sign the form and return it to CNSW if you intend to race in events whether club or open in NSW before the end on 2020.  As a previous NSW member your licence automatically transferred on November 1st, but when you need to renew, you need to do so with an AusCycling club.

This form is mainly for new members  to AusCycling or memberships that have become AusCycling memberships ( month to month payments). The grey area is that Cycling NSW is a “No Vote” so to insure you are all covered for insurance (no cost) they have had a new form (insurance coverage ) to sign.

Last night at racing for ease and to avoid confusion we had all our members in attendance sign this form and the club will forward these to Cycling NSW.


We are recommending that all our other members sign this form as well and return it to Cycling NSW. If you haven’t received the email, click here to view/print/download a copy of the form. Signing this form and forwarding it to Cycling NSW will ensure that you will covered by insurance regardless of your membership or when it might expire or changeover to AusCycling.

I can confirm PMCC  have applied to join AusCycling, we are now waiting for the next step in the process as are all the other clubs. We have been advised that club affiliation invoices will come out sometime towards the end of November. This enables new AusCycling members to join the Port Macquarie Cycle club.

The committee  have been involved with multiple discussions with the other club presidents and secretary’s and Cycling NSW  to work out where we need to get to.

The Committee and I are continuing to work through everything we need to, and once we know more we will advise.

Thanks again and hopefully see you all soon.