2017 Letter(facebook) from Graham Seers

Hi Everyone in PMCC,

Fully agree with Joan Hawes on her comments and request with regards to the proposed Black & Yellow kit.

I also would like to recommend that the club history and history of origin, including colours which in 2018 it is 30 years since it was formed, be kept.

Consideration are many I suggest that should be taken into account regards to club colours.

Questions I ask members are,

Have you ever attempted to feed a pack of cyclists as they come at you at speeds and identify which club or jersey colours your rider is?

Also, if some members consider pink not acceptable, do you ever look at the Giro D Italia, the leader jersey is pink?

Why?   So it stands out.

The yellow you display here is of question, surrounding clubs use yellow and always have, Coffs Harbor for example are one, Newcasle also, both from as long as I can recall in my 49 years in cycling.

I have many reasons to pass this information onto you, as founder of the PMCC 30 years ago of which we all now gain benefits.

My last question on this is,

If any of us follow Rugby League, State of origin for example, would you ever request or expect the NSW Blues to be yellow or Qld Maroons in Green due to a sponsor or individuals request?

I look forward to hearing the members thoughts and feedback on this topic, also detailed photos of the jersey design in pink.


Graham Seers

Director of Development

Cycling Malaysia

Tuesday, 6 March 2018 4:44 PM