2015 Leigh Family & JW Dash Results & Trophies

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2015 – The annual J.W.Dash handicap race had a small but competitive field of starters looking to get their name on the trophy which goes back to 1997. Names such as Angus Morton, Brendan Brooks and Gary Alexander (twice) all adorn the impressive trophy.

We started off with Ryan Barker, Jim (Jimicus) Harper and Ken Hatch joining us from Newcastle for the race. One and a half minutes later Ashley (Machine) Stapley and Brandon Conway started their chase in earnest. A further one and a half minutes later the scratch markers of Pieter Nieuwoudt, Simon (Thor) Andrews and Greg ( El Presidente) Linsdell took off at a rate of knots. Early on Ryan found it hard to stay with his group and took up filming duties with his GoPro, and Brandon on restricted gearing found it difficult to stay with Ashley. The scratchies kept together and started picking up their prey as Ashley waited to form a strong group of four. Jim and Ken rode well and looked like they may stay away but once they split with over a lap to go it would always be difficult to hold off the rampaging scratch group. Coming to the finish there were five riders together and as Greg opened up the sprint very early in a surprise tactic, he was rounded and soundly beaten by Simon showing a strong kick. He held on for second just holding off Pieter who was finishing fast.

The juniors also had the Leigh Family handicap trophy to compete for and were escorted by Mark (The Corn) Cornish.  First off were Feja and Maemi who worked well together to keep ahead of Jonah and Connor who were in hot pursuit . Lleyton and Sam set off next followed by Boyd and Will off scratch. As the race progressed the groups began to merge and tactical decisions had to made, solo attack, form a breakaway or sit-in for the sprint. Coach Corn provided real time guidance and was so impressed with Feja’s hill climbing that he made a special award after the event. Their tactics paid off and Boyd and Will formed a breakaway worked together to duel to off in a sprint that went down to photo finish. Will took the trophy, just ahead of Boyd with Sam coming in third on the day.

 The Junior Line-up for the Leigh Family Handicap
 The lead group Coach Corn getting dropped

All-in-all, another fun day of racing by all with great skills shown by all juniors. Next week is a graded scratch race and the following week the first of the Interclub races against Manning Valley CC. The first Inter-club is at Port, starting at 2 pm with a sausage sizzle and refreshments afterwards, a great day to bring your partner and the kids to watch an exciting race.


 marshall Holler for Marshals: Our road races cannot be held unless we have the generous support of club associates at the turn points. This involves stopping traffic for the 1 minute or so that it takes for the race to negotiate the turn and then to bring in the signs and cones after the race. At the moment this task is falling to an uncomplaining few but we’d like to be able to share the fun. If you, your partner or other interested adult could help out even for just 1 weekend it will help enormously. Please email our Commissaire, Brian to volunteer and arrange a date that suits (eckajohn@yahoo.com)