2018 11 13 Race Results

PMCC John Oxley Motors Criterium season.

Week 4  of John Oxley Motors criterium season had us racing team events.
Firstly, a big thank you to everyone who signed-on using Facebook over the days leading up to race day. It made the commissaires, Muz and Noddys’ job of sorting out the teams a whole lot easier.
The evening started with a skills session and at the conclusion of that, racing commenced.
The juniors raced first, and it’s a delight to see the smiles and the enjoyment of the young ones as they react to the encouragement of the spectators at the start/finish line.
With the teams selected for the seniors, basically we had two actual races as the commissaires Muz and Noddy decided to separate A & B from C & D grades for safety due to the increased number of riders participating.
C & D grades raced off first, with each team racing together, until D grade had finished their allotted laps, then C grade had 2 more laps to race.
It was the same for A & B grades, each team racing together, but once B grade had finished their allotted laps, A grade then had to complete 2 extra laps.
It was hard and fast racing, ….again !
A great night was had by all …
Congratulations to the riders, especially the winners, and a big thank you to all the organisers.
See you all next week !