Muzza’s Handi-Re-cap

What a great day of racing to celebrate one of our life members – Murray Sallaway.

Blessed with a moment of rare sunshine Muzza’s Handicap finally went ahead after 2 postponements. The race kicked off with a motivating speech from Club president Brad Smith. Riders eager to take the flag hustled and bustled a new track configuration for the first time. Taking the first right onto the damn road, enabling some high velocity sprint action! Fun had by all, especially Murray eagerly awaiting to raise the checkered flag.

Taking the honours were: Oscar Jakeman, Asher Fawle and Lleyton Wall.

Thank you to everyone who came out and helped volunteer and to those who braved the wind to race.

Thanks to Murray and his wife Libby for the coffee and lamingtons, definitely warmed us all up!

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