Entry/Summary 2018 Percival Property Port Macquarie Junior Tour

Entry/Summary 2018 Percival Property Port Macquarie Junior Tour       Original 





  • Saturday  9th June 2018

  • Sunday   10th June 2018

Port Macquarie Cycle Club is hosting the “Percival Property Junior Tour of Port”. 2 days of Junior cycling action on the Queen’s Birthday Long Weekend June 9th and 10th 2018. Individual Time Trials and Criterium races Saturday and Road Races Sunday. Racing is for U9, U11, U13, U15, U17 boys and girls. Medals awarded to the first 3 place finishers of each event and a “Tour Jersey” to the overall winner in each age group, both boys and girls. Be part of the action, click on the link below to enter or go to the CNSW web site and enter.

Closing Date: Wednesday 30st May 2018.   Late entries NOT accepted.


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Program Overview

Event Dates:

  • Saturday  9th June 2018
  • Sunday    10th June 2018

Promoter : Port Macquarie Cycle Club


  • Saturday        From  7am
  • Sunday          From  8am

Start Time: 

  • Saturday        From  8am
  • Sunday          From  9am

Age Categories & Eligibility:

  • U9, U11, JB13, JG13, JM15, JW15, JM17, JW17
  • Age Categories for this event are as per 2018 ages effective from 1st October 2017
  • Financial Cycling Australia ‘RACE’ members only. Valid membership card must be presented at sign-on.

Entry Fees:

Entry fees listed below include all events over the two days of racing.

  • $22 – U9 & U11
  • $32 – U13
  • $42 – U15
  • $47 – U17

             U9 & U11

Venue: All U9 & U11 events will take place on the PMCC Criterium Track. Click here for directions

Course Map:  PMCC Criterium Track (click here)


Stage 1:      Criterium – Saturday 9th June 2018

Time Category Distance Notes
 8:00am U11 3 Laps = 2.5km Girls then Boys
 8:30am U9 2 Laps = 1.6km Girls then Boys
Please note: Criterium start times are approximate only, they depend on entries and incidents.

Stage 2:      Individual Time Trial – Saturday 9th June 2018

Time Category Distance
   9:20am U9 Girls then U9 Boys 2 Laps = 1.6km
   9:35am U11 Girls then U11 Boys 2 Laps = 1.6km

Stage 3:      Road Race – Sunday 10th June 2018

        Time Category Distance
     9:15am U9 Girls

U9 Boys

4 Laps = 3.0km


U11 Girls

U11 Boys

5 Laps = 4km

           U13, U15 & U17


Stage 1:      Individual Time Trial – Saturday 9th June 2018

Time Category Distance Course Map
8:00am U13 Girls then U13 Boys 6km 1 lap Course 7
8:30am U15 Girls then U15 Boys 8km 1 lap Course 1
9:00am U17 Women 16km 2 laps Course 1
 9:15am U17 Men 16km 2 laps Course 1
Please note: U15’s will not start until all U13’s have finished.

Stage 2:      Criterium – Saturday 9th June 2018

The event times may also be affected by incidents that happen on the day.

Criterium Times & Distance

11:30am          U15 Men Heat 1  (Evens)          15 minutes + 2 laps

11:55am          U15 Men Heat 2  (Odds)           15 minutes + 2 laps

12:20am         U17 Men Heat 1  (Evens)          20 minutes + 2 laps

12:50am         U17 Men Heat 2  (Odds)          20 minutes + 2 laps

1:20pm          U13 Girls                                       10 minutes + 2 laps

1:45pm          U13 Boys                                       10 minutes + 2 laps

2:10pm          U15 Girls                                       15 minutes + 2 laps

2:35pm          U15 Boys   –  Final                       15 minutes + 2 laps

3:00pm         U17 Women                                  20 minutes + 2 laps

3:30pm          U17 Men   –  Final                       20 minutes + 2 laps


Stage 3:      Road Race – Sunday 10th June 2018

   Time    Category   Distance     Course
  9:00am U15 Boys     33km    4 laps   Course 1
 10:01am U15 Girls     33km    4 laps   Course 1
 10:45am U13 Boys    12.5km    1 lap  Course 7
 10:46am U13 Girls    12.5km    1 lap  Course 7
11:55am U17 Men    66km  

2 Laps Course 7


3 laps Course 14

11:56am U17 Women    55km  

2 laps Course 7


2 laps Course 14

Prizes: TBC

Results: TBC


Event Information:
Event Coordinator    :  Joan Hawes

Email:                       :  president@portmaccycleclub.com.au

Event Entries            :  CNSW Office      Phone :  (02) 97385850

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 Gear Restrictions: Competitors bikes are to be “Rolled Out” prior to each event.

See CNSW Technical Regulations for Roll Out distances for each category

See gearing & distances rollout distances table for gear combination & rollout distance guide


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