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Junior Tour 10 & 11 June 2017

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PMCC – This is how we roll

We are Port Macquarie Cycle Club. We are young, we are old; we are fast, we are not so fast; we race, we watch and we chip in. Whatever we do we give it our all, and we do it because we love it. This is how we roll – join us.



Racing Updates



Visitors are always welcome in Port Macquarie and you should feel free to join the local group rides or the PMCC club races. Check out our racing calendar for details of upcoming events and please bring your current Race Licence and preferably your club jersey  if you want to race.

Our training rides vary to meet our training needs, the local road conditions and the weather. We have some favourites and you can check them out and download the route on our Local Rides Page.

If you are visiting and want to ride with a group check out our Strava Club Page to get the details of what’s happening next, say hi on FaceBook, or contact us.

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Caffeine & Local Bike Shops: After a morning ride we usually head to one of the local coffee shops.

Stirling Green Cafe, cnr Gillman Way and Sovereign Drive

Peloton Espresso Bar, 2/163 Gordon Street, next to Gordon Street Cycles

and diagonally opposite the “5 Star” start/finish point for many rides;

or there’s Ruins Cafe, Lake Innes (the roundabout here is an alternative start/finish point (5 minutes later).

TRS Cycle Centre, 23 Clarence Street

Graham Seers CycleryThe Marina, Park Street


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I know it is early days and we will probably be waiting and seeing but just in the off chance there has been a decision already (as planning the after-school activities and work) and wondering if Crit is on tonight…….or if you are not sure - when will you make the call? ...

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Hi Everyone I'm pretty sure it's John Leigh's Birthday today.....so if I'm right & you're reading this John we all hope you've had an awesome day & if I'm not right we still hope you had an awesome day 😅😅🎊🎉🎂🎁🍻 ...

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Brooding, dark grey skies and rolling thunder threatened to put a dampener on the CEX Coffs Criterium and Port Macquarie Cycle Club's opportunity to put some black, white and pink on the podium.

With ominous clouds above them and flashes of lightning in the distance, C grade got underway. Wade Buchan, Paul Hamerlok and Lee Hancock hopeful of taking away positions one, two and three on the podium rolled out onto the first lap. After a few dry laps, the gentle sprinkle of rain saw the tight corners of the undulating course become a little more difficult, lucky enough all riders took care and stayed upright. The whistle sounded and a prime opportunity presented itself to Lee who moved forward on the back straight and was able to secure the $10 mid race prime sprint. Not noticing a gap of 30 metres Lee and a fellow rider were drawn back to bunch. Due to the sprinkles turning to showers, the decision was made to ring the bell after only twelve minutes, the last lap saw strong out of the seat efforts by both Wade and Paul, resulting in the Hammer taking out second place. Lee was caught napping and should in future events associate the bell with the last lap of the race.

Hopeful and patient B grade riders, Simon Bank and David O'Brien were rewarded with a dry and safe track after a short period and reemergence of the sun. From the gun, B grade and its riders showed that the sun, brought not only a drying track, but renewed energy. After several attacks including some featuring PMCC riders, David and Simon were forced to work together to reel in the heavily reduced B grade bunch. The two left it all out on the track, at times being only bike lengths from the last wheel and the unsurpassed aerodynamic advantage it offers. After lapping some other riders, Simon and David crossed line not far behind the B grade bunch.

After a short wait and some contemplative moments, A grade riders William Pender and Brandon Conway clipped in and set out to claim the cash prizes on offer by Coffs Harbour Cycle Club. After some early efforts and work the bunch including PMCC riders, CHCC's Matt Everett attacked and put some space between the peloton and his sleek silver Trek. He was pulled back after hard work by many including Brandon and Will. The prime points were unfortunately taken out by non PMCC riders, but not without trying upon their behalf. After more than half an hour of racing, the all important bell signified one final loop of the enjoyable and thankfully dry track. Everett exercised his criterium expertise and eliminated any opportunity of not being on the podium's top step with a strong break on the last lap. With some assistance from Brandon, Will was able to secure fourth place as the bunch sprinted for second place.

The journey north proved to be an excellent opportunity to expend energy, encourage others and meet new bike minded people. Thank you to Coffs Harbour Cycle Club for their organisational efforts for not only today, but the whole weekend festival.

(Feel free to tag away, share and send any email requests for full sized images if you'd like)

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For those going to Gingers tomorrow ...

Yes! Are you excited for the #Weekendride ? Like and Share!

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Lauren Kitchen's European season is about to start. Let's wish her luck in 2017 from Port Mac. ...

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