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We are Port Macquarie Cycle Club. We are young, we are old; we are fast, we are not so fast; we race, we watch and we chip in. Whatever we do we give it our all, and we do it because we love it. This is how we roll – join us.



Racing Updates



Visitors are always welcome in Port Macquarie and you should feel free to join the local group rides or the PMCC club races. Check out our racing calendar for details of upcoming events and please bring your current Race Licence and preferably your club jersey  if you want to race.

Our training rides vary to meet our training needs, the local road conditions and the weather. We have some favourites and you can check them out and download the route on our Local Rides Page.

If you are visiting and want to ride with a group check out our Strava Club Page to get the details of what’s happening next, say hi on FaceBook, or contact us.

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Caffeine & Local Bike Shops: After a morning ride we usually head to one of the local coffee shops.

Stirling Green Cafe, cnr Gillman Way and Sovereign Drive

Peloton Espresso Bar, 2/163 Gordon Street, next to Gordon Street Cycles

and diagonally opposite the “5 Star” start/finish point for many rides;

or there’s Ruins Cafe, Lake Innes (the roundabout here is an alternative start/finish point (5 minutes later).

TRS Cycle Centre, 23 Clarence Street

Graham Seers CycleryThe Marina, Park Street


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News Feed

Some actions shots from today's race - now the road season is over it's time to get fired up for the crit! ...

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Last but not least a big thank you to our Commissaire, Murray Sallaway, the traffic controllers, Jan Conner, Tracey & Greg, Iain & Phil , together with Joan and Dave O’Brien for making the race happen.

And to El president Trev for the race reports!

Enjoy the Ride

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It was a great way to finish off the road season and to send Joan and Phil off on a high. We thank you for all of your hard work, time and effort over the years! ...

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The final team results saw the green team on 6 points, the red team on 7 points and the clear thinking blue team of Lachie, Marcus, Dafydd Wall, Gareth Davies and Ian Budden coming away with the team win on 8 points. ...

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The much anticipated senior race results......
Numbers were down a bit due to many riders racing away and families making the most of the start of the school holidays and heading away. Our mates from the Manning wandered up the Highway to race with us today in our last road race of the season in conditions that were warm and windy. We had 3 A graders, 3 B graders and 9 C graders taking the road for a mixed grade team race. The riders were split into 3 teams, red, blue and green each with 1 A, 1 B and 3 C riders on a fairly flat 8km course. Muzza explained the rules to the riders with what appeared to be various success. The rules were simple – teams were to work together to get all 3 C grade riders across the line after 3 laps before the A & B graders. The 4th and last lap was then to be contested by the A & B’s. All 3 teams took off together and stuck together until half way through the 2nd lap when a couple of green and red riders broke away from their teams. Tactics were questioned by the onlookers but the riders knew best. At the end of 3 laps a sprint for the line saw Matt Worth take the C grade win from Jonah Hamer in 2nd by a tyre width with Jason Parker not far behind in 3rd. With grade points of 4 for a win, 2 for 2nd & 1 for 3rd up for grabs and two of the teams split apart, it was going to be interesting. It seemed that the blue team was the only team listening to Muzza’s instructions as they kept the full tem together to get their C graders across the line, then the A & B riders took off like cut cats on their 4th and final lap. The green and red teams had to wait on the line and/or head back to pick up their dropped riders before they could head out and this error in team tactics cost them dearly. The final lap saw Lachlan Johns and Marcus Worth easily take 1st place in A and B grades respectively for 4 points each. The remaining places for A grade were Joe Begbie (2nd) & Ashley Stapley (3rd). In B grade it was Lloyd Newham (2nd) and Paul Hamerlok (3rd).

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Spectacular start to the PMCC afternoon of racing kicking off with our juniors. It was a junior handicap with Thomas Worth 9 laps, Cooper Ninham 5 laps and Charlie Hamerlok 6 laps. Thomas set a cracking pace averaging 1.34 second laps, lapping both boys at lap 3. Cooper who has been unwell kept a consistent pace and was able to hold off Thomas with 1 lap to go by a small margin. All 3 boys put in a stellar effort and rode very strong in the hot and windy conditions. Big congratulations to our juniors. ...

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Downing's won't be able to make if out today. Have a great ride ☀️ ...

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