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We are Port Macquarie Cycle Club. We are young, we are old; we are fast, we are not so fast; we race, we watch and we chip in. Whatever we do we give it our all, and we do it because we love it. This is how we roll – join us.



Racing Updates



Visitors are always welcome in Port Macquarie and you should feel free to join the local group rides or the PMCC club races. Check out our racing calendar for details of upcoming events and please bring your current Race Licence and preferably your club jersey  if you want to race.

Our training rides vary to meet our training needs, the local road conditions and the weather. We have some favourites and you can check them out and download the route on our Local Rides Page.

If you are visiting and want to ride with a group check out our Strava Club Page to get the details of what’s happening next, say hi on FaceBook, or contact us.

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Caffeine & Local Bike Shops: After a morning ride we usually head to one of the local coffee shops.

Stirling Green Cafe, cnr Gillman Way and Sovereign Drive

Peloton Espresso Bar, 2/163 Gordon Street, next to Gordon Street Cycles

and diagonally opposite the “5 Star” start/finish point for many rides;

or there’s Ruins Cafe, Lake Innes (the roundabout here is an alternative start/finish point (5 minutes later).

TRS Cycle Centre, 23 Clarence Street

Graham Seers CycleryThe Marina, Park Street


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News Feed

Looking for some help. Alani is racing track next weekend and at the moment the bike she has on loan doesn’t meet rollout (6m).

It looks like a 16 cog will do the trick. Anyone have one available for a short term loan?

She will have her own track bike soon so we will also look at buying if it can be here and fitted this week - then we can transfer to her new bike later.

Wade Buchan Malcolm Downing Nicole Bann-Murray Tony Rowe Jim Harper

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Big turnout to honour Jack Griffin; Start of Memorial ride outside Peloton Cafe- to North Shore March 23,2013 ...

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My video of start of Port Macquarie Cycling Club Recreation ride. Sun. Nov.12, 2017- from Beechwood and up Pappinbarra Valley and back. ...

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C Grade Results
On Tuesday night there were 5 starters in C grade including Jeff, Gareth, Miren, Josh and Wade. The pace was tame for the first few laps and after the legs warmed up it gradually increased. At approximately the 10 minute mark the comms blew the whistle for the prime lap.
Josh, Miren and Wade snuck away and rounding the corner into the home straight, it came down to a sprint, with Miren earning a free beer for her efforts.
From that point the three riders managed to stay away. The bell was rung for the final lap and Wade led the charge, with Miren sitting first wheel then Josh.
Coming into the home straight, Wade started and early sprint, but Miren peeled off with 50m to go and came over the top of Wade, ripping his legs off to take the win. "Well done Miren"
Josh pulled up lame and Gareth snuck home for 3rd. Well done to all

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Anyone interested in re instating Fast Fridays? Starting next Friday ...

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